Our history

 Kitty Pawtique was created by cat owners who would rarely find a store offering good quality products for cats or a company that understands cat owners’ needs.

When shopping for cat furniture and accessories for their cat, the owners quickly realized how limited the options were. While visiting big pet shops, the cat’s products were always found at the end of the stores, almost hidden.

The owners felt overlooked and decided to create a cat boutique to make life even better for all cats and their families. They know they could do better, raising the standards of cat products by focusing on behavioural research, modern design, and quality.

Who we are

Kitty Pawtique is an upscale cat boutique that offers a selection of premium, innovative and handcrafted products meeting the cats’ needs and enriching the spaces they share with their humans. We are a Proud Canadian small business based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The owners have been cat enthusiasts for the last 30 years. They know cats from their hearts and have the motivation to reshape the cat essential industry.

Senna, Bengal Cat, is a high-energy and outgoing CEO of the company as well as the main influencer of the brand! He has high standards, tests all the products and only approves those with innovative selection, modern style, healthy and safe to all the kitties.

our mission & values

Our  mission is to provide comfort and joy to the kitties by being a cat-only boutique focusing on high-quality products, modern design and operational excellence.


We understand and care about the cat owner’s needs, feelings and thoughts.

We love our kitties and feel the same need for change in the cat marketplace.


We’re raising the standards of cat products by providing premium and handcrafted products to the kitties and their humans.

Premium for us means high-quality materials, innovative selection, modern design, safe and sustainable options.

Supplier responsibility

We want to make sure that we are offering hand-picked products for our clients, and we achieve that by partnering with the suppliers who share the same values as us, understands cats’ behaviors and the owner’s needs.

Operational Excellence

We go above and beyond to provide the best experience to our clients through functional e-commerce, exceptional customer service and personalized delivery.

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