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Adventure Cat

Instagram is full of cats in beautiful landscapes, adventuring with their families, canoeing on crystal blue lakes, and enjoying bike rides with their Pawrents. For some, seeing a cat on a leash on your favourite hike, or being in a backpack on the bike path can seem strange, until you see the pure joy on the feline’s face. 


When we started seeing the adventures of Bengals, we were astonished. Can we really bring our cat camping with us, will he get too scared and freak out? What if we are 100 miles from home and he hates it? Just like anything, the key is baby steps.

Little by little, we subjected Senna to a minute longer on the leash, 5 extra minutes in our courtyard surrounded by trees, birds and squirrels. A 10-minute drive around the neighbourhood for him to realize that every time he gets in the car, we aren’t going to take him to the veterinarian. If it was too much for him, we would put him in his backpack with his favourite blanket, give him a treat and take him back home.

It didn’t take long before we were planning a 15-day camping trip, covering 2500km of driving, camping in our truck, hiking waterfalls, and chasing bugs next to the campfire. 

Some days, the attention that he got could be overwhelming for us, and him (everyone wants a selfie with such a handsome Bengal) and we would all require a bit of a break. But that trip was an overwhelming success, and taught us all a lot. 

Senna, a Bengal, is the high-energy and outgoing CEO of the company as well as the main influencer of the brand! He has high standards, tests all the products and only approves those with innovative selection, modern style and are safe for all his kitty friends.