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The benefits of playing with your cat!

Playful cat

We all know that cats are natural hunters, but did you know that stimulate this behaviour is healthy to your kitty? There are many benefits of playing with your cat!

While, exercise is an essential factor that helps to promote happiness in cats, one of the best ways to help your cat exercise is to spend some one-on-one playtime with them.

Aditionally, apartment cats have limited space. Hence, they need even more stimulation to move around, to keep them healthy and to avoid being overweight.

Why should you play with your cat?

  1. It’s a great way to help burn energy, as cats are natural hunters and need to exercise frequently.
  2. Challenging behaviours stimulate your cat’s cognitive and motor skills.
  3. Playing with your cat consistently helps to build and strengthen your bond.
  4. Playing is one of the best ways to counteract kitty stress (and it just may lower your stress level, too)
  5. When you play with your cat, you make him happier and more confident.

We selected our top five activities and cat toys that (we hope!) can be inspirational for you and, eventually, make your kitty even happier!

#1 Scratchers: Apart from distracting your cat from the furniture and house walls, it is useful for them to sharpen their nails.

#2 Balls: Kitties love to play with all kinds of balls, even paper ones.

#3 Cardboard Box: Certainly, cats love cardboard boxes! The next time you get something in a box, make the game even better by cutting saucer-sized circles on the sides of the box so your furr friend can jump in and out 😉

#4 Catnip & Silvervine: an aromatic natural herb that can make your cat happier and excited or relaxed, depending on the way you offer it.

#5 Teasers: these toys will inspire your cat’s natural hunting instincts! To make the game more authentic, try imitating bugs’ movements and hiding them under the pillows, for example. These toys are perfect for exercising and helping cats overcome their shyness.

Please keep in mind the danger of offering items not designed for pets. They may contain toxic materials to the kitty or have sharp sides, causing accidents. To avoid problems, bet on products for cats.

Toys can be a great ally to stimulate the hunting behaviors of your cat!

Use toys that resemble prey, such as feathers, mice, and balls and try to always vary the stimuli. Besides, it is important to provide some interesting toys for cats, especially when the pet is alone at home.

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