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Why start Kitty Pawtique.

My husband has had cats his whole life and was vocal about how unappealing some of the cat trees and furniture can be. 

When we decided to get our four-legged friend, we started going to the local big box pet stores, and I was shocked at the lack of quality and boring design of most of the products. The feline sections were a quarter of the size compared to our dog companions, and most of the products felt cheap and un-intimate. We wanted fun spaces for Senna to play and relax, but also suited our modern home. We quickly realized this was more difficult to find than expected. 

Every company seemed focused on making the lowest cost product possible, which meant minimal design and using the cheapest materials available. It seemed so strange to us that cat products were held to such a low standard, despite the love we have for them.  

We searched online and bought many different toys to test, seeing what Senna enjoyed and what he didn’t. We found a few good options, but we sure felt overlooked and this was the main reason to create a cat boutique and make life even better for all cats and all their families. 

We looked for more data to see if other cat parents feel the same as us. We found this is true for more than 70% of the cat owners. We are not completely satisfied with the selection of cat furniture; thirty-three percent (33%) are not satisfied with the overall options for cat products in pet stores. Nearly half of the cat owners (47%) believe cat products are underrepresented in pet stores and 50% believe the pet industry is not investing enough in innovating products for cats. 

We are so happy to make this happen, an online kitty boutique where owners will find high-quality and modern design supplies. Senna is even happier as he gets to try everything. We hope to offer a delightful experience to the feline families with Kitty Pawtique. 

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